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Sibirischer Schwindel

Die Andere Bibliothek, 2002

Series Editor: Hans Magnus Enzensberger

A Collection of Two Adventure Novels

Translated from the original English: Ulrich Blumenbach

Hunter along the Lena River.
Sakha-Yakutia, 1991.


As the Soviet Union collapsed, faith healing, quackery and long dormant religious traditions reared their head again. The American narrator and his Russian friend, Valera, hatch a plan to search out the traces of shamanism in the remote arctic republic of Sakha-Yakutia. But the shamans have died off, and the native reindeer herders have migrated to the capital Yakutsk, a permafrosted sprawl of wooden sheds and Soviet cement blocks. Once settled at the dormitory of the Meatpackers Union, the duo uncovers a motley crew of local eccentrics - hard drinking folk healers, bear bile traders, heavy metal trance rockers, and the lovely Miss Yakutia runner-up - who, each in their own way, honor the shamanic heritage.


The hucksters of the Wild East are chronicled in this first-hand account of a Mercedes dealership in the oil and gas boomtown of Tyumen, Siberia. Modestly titled the Siberian World Company, the firm is run by Olaf, the Swiss-American son of an arms trader who lives far beyond his means and can’t control his secretive local partner, Kolya, a former biathlete now dabbling in the dangerous jet fuel trade. Troubled by Kolya’s increasing independence, Olaf hires the narrator - with a freshly minted PhD on Hegel and Jesus - to “build synergies” between the disconnected parts of the firm. The descent that follows into arctic power broking and $1000 nights serves up an intimate portrait of the money-grab culture that defined Russia in the 1990s.