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Acclaim for Sibirischer Schwindel and Marx for a Post-Communist Era

Sullivan's Sibirischer Schwindel - two adventure novels in one volume - was published in Germany in the distinguished Die Andere Bibliothek series in 2002 ("Germany's finest literary series," DIE ZEIT). His philosophy work, Marx for a Post-Communist Era: On Poverty, Corruption and Banality, was published by Routledge in 2001 (Top 5 Publishers in Philosophy, The Leiter Report). The three works were written in Paris, Bangkok and Washington D.C. between 1996 and 2001.

Sibirischer Schwindel

Discovery Book Award Winner, Hollywood Film Festival, 2001

20 Best Novels of the Year, Hamburg City Library, 2002

“A marriage of orgiastic prose and sober observations.” Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Switzerland's leading national daily.

“Sullivan’s adventure novels are a delightful read ranging from alternative Ethnokitsch to frontier capitalism.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany's leading national daily.

"Two widely-acclaimed examples of the post-Soviet expat genre are Gary Shteyngart's Russian Debutante's Handbook and Stefan Sullivan's Sibirischer Schwindel." Prof. Hans Rindisbacher, Pomona College

"A wild Absurdistan...An electrifying Satyricon à la russe,." TAZ, Berlin's leading alternative daily

Marx for a Post-Communist Era: On Poverty, Corruption and Banality

Recommended Reading, CONTEMPORARY POLITICAL THOUGHT: A READER AND GUIDE, ed. Allan Finlayson (NYU Press, 2003)

" A marvelously humane and hopeful critique of the dominant ideology.”

David McLellan, author of Karl Marx: His Life and Thought, the definitive English-language biography

"a thought provoking analysis of the relevance of Marx since the collapse of communist power."

Leslie Holmes -- Communism: A Very Short Introduction, (Oxford University Press, 2009).

"Possibly the most stigmatized thinker in the west, Marx has been distorted or co-opted by friends and foes alike. Sullivan reinvigorates a critique tarnished by scholasticism, party sloganeering and simplistic refutations."
– Staff Pick of the Month: John Huntington, Politics and Prose Bookstore, Washington D.C.

Heartlands: Sketches of Rural America/Andreas Horvath

It often takes an outsider to see America clearly, and in Heartlands it’s Andreas Horvath, the Austrian photographer and award-winning filmmaker (This Ain't No Heartland, Helmut Berger) putting his eye on the United States. In this beautifully printed, large-format volume of black and white photography, made in 24 states since 1985, Horvath presents images of the “fly-over states,” telling powerful stories of politics, privilege (or lack of it), social aspiration and faded glory. Text by Lech Kowalski, Monika Muskala and Stefan Sullivan.